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Acrylic Painting. 16 x 20 inches by Bartley C. Keith $500. Unframed. PAYPAL SALES ONLY

"Rock-N-Roll 1" Original Acrylic Painting 16 x 20 inches -Unframed $500. Copyright protected on all works.


Revealed Rewards


     Gregarious serious dancers jam & roll forth in procession

 to the  deep, bassy drumbeat. The ‘gathering-fire’ lights their

way & destination around which, the group travels like a

centipede encircling a landed lightning bug.


     The surrounding crowd laughs, claps, and rocks to the pri-

mal horns & drums. I did not notice her there. Someone stepped

aside making her appear like a revelation of something more

real and beautiful than anything. She, unassuming.


     She offers forth her palm full of sunflower seeds  asking “Will

you eat them for a little pleasure now, or invest a little  in sowing

them soon -enjoying their lasting rewards?”


     Pouring the seeds into my jeans pocket, suddenly I notice a

music-cranking monkey-peddler –cranking out his jack-in-the

-box tunes… while the monkey dances and picks the crowd’s

pockets. I look at the vendor, then for the lady who, is now

dancing with the thieving primate?


     I decide I’ve received my benefit. It is good to know when to

move on gratefully, without further questioning why good & evil

work together to bring about beneficial lessons for us all. Turning,

I go to plant new seeds.


by Bartley C. Keith

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