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A Creative Journey Through Art And Words

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In adherence to the changing, transforming nature of the subconscious and Surrealism , this site will change as a work-in-progress from time-to-time.

      "I believe in the future resolution of these two states, dream and reality, which are seemingly so contradictory, into a kind of absolute reality, a surreality." -Andre Breton

       In the Collective Unconscious of humanity, Pre-History can be looked upon as the early state of being between sleeping & conscious waking -before written history. I believe this is akin to the prehistoric times also mentioned  by the Australian Aboriginees, called the Dream Time. Deep in our psyches we remember this time and accumulated instincts within our genes, -from over 40,000 years ago, when Art occurred in our genetic evolution as an intuitive spiritual practice.                        -Bartley Keith


In past ages, marshes were sacred spiritual sites.
"CYCLOPS / ARTIST 1987" 16 X 20 inches Wood Panel.Unframed.By BARTLEY KEITH $500. Paypal sales only

"Cyclops/Artist" -Unframed $500.


   In our early days, the marsh was a sacred place of spiritual power and mystery, the moon was a Mother Goddess of Fertility Rites and the Cave was the womb of Mother Earth. The marsh was a place of firmer ground like the conscious mind, while the water was equated with more fluid & deeper states, like subconscious mysteries. This combination can also be viewed as the state between dreaming & waking consciousness.  -Bartley Keith


 Techno Evolution

A stone swims along    

the exterior

of a skyscraper

under water.


It looks in windows      

at glamourous dress dummies

all weight-lifting

to become hard as rock-men.


Rock-men wearing hard-hats

are bouncing on pogo-sticks

off the end of a dock                 

to find missing car keys.          


A lock unfolds to reveal

a map of the human gene      

which suddenly flames, burning

the curtain and the house down.


The ashes of the flattened house        

rise as a sunflower garden.       

The garden becomes the apparatus

of self-building walls without us.


The creation of agriculture

becomes the independent  robot      

in history. The child-no-longer

-no longer needs its mother...


Stripped of everything,

I look for my mate             

who will appear like magic

washed upon my shores.


By Bartley Keith


3.5 X 5.25 Inches. by BARTLEY KEITH. SALES ONLY TO U.S. ADDRESSES. Unframed. $100.00

      Shown above are 2 ink drawings similar in feel & form to the works of GEORGIO de CHIRICO who painted in a style that influenced all of the later Surrealists who worked in realistic styles.
      Unlike most lists of Surrealists, here is a list of the more excellent but, overlooked Surrealists to do Google Searches for... -OSCAR DOMINGUEZ, YVES TANGUY, KURT SELIGMAN, VICTOR BRAUNER, PAUL DELVAUX, HANS BELLMER, MATTA ECHAUREN and ANDRE MASSON. Equally important, here is a web-page of overlooked WOMEN SURREALISTS listing about 20 to start with... Together, these men & women changed Art History in every field of Art, and also Culture in many ways felt, but unknown by the average person, even into the present day.

Jazz Musicians create using subconscious intuition
"JAZZMAN. 2003" 16 x 20 inches. Unframed. By BARTLEY KEITH. $500. Paypal Only Sales Accepted.

"JazzMan 2003" Unframed $500.

       Jazz, whether it is traditional Mainstream Jazz or Jazz Fusion starts out with a main riff, continues with improvised playing in the spur of the moment, using the intuitive subconscious, then returns home to the main riff. Just knowing that it's played using spur-of-the-moment Invention, makes us appreciate more, the fascinating musicianship of the players, who it can be said, are doing something similar to the Automatic Writing of the Surrealist Artist, Writer, or Musician.
Jazz ! Invented in the moment !
Jazz ! Recorded Improvisation !
Jazz ! Automatic Writing with Music!
Necessity ! -the mother of invention !
Improvise, Improvise !
Create and record
your Wonderous Musical Journey
for us... -from the edges
of New Frontiers
not yet Explored.
Go man, go ! On to the Netherlands,
-misty unknown lands
now in your magic hands.
I commend you, soulful inventor,
and the brave new worlds
you open up for us,
as we journey with you
-a brave sojourner
-your real-time exploration
for all to see.
Reach out & deep Jazzman
-to the summits of mountains,
-and deep within your soul.
The fitting answers are there...
-for all of us to share so.....
Jazzman ! Jazzman !
Improvise ! Improvise !
-by Bartley Keith

3.5 X 5.25 Inches. by BARTLEY KEITH. SALES ONLY TO U.S. ADDRESSES. Unframed. $100.00

       Below are listed just a few of today's practicing Surrealists or sites showing that SURREALISM is alive & well in the present. On a following page, SURREALIST POETS and SURREALIST WRITERS will be listed for Google searches. Here are some names or sites currently producing Surrealist Art... (please compare prices while visiting).
 These are just a few of the artists alive & well and practicing Surrealism in the present, approximately 80 years after it's invention, and still discovering new ground. A growing list of Surrealist & other links, will soon be added to the Contact & Links page in an ongoing basis.
                                                                             Thank you. -Bartley Keith.


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